11 ways to boost your landing page conversions: best tips, tricks, and practices

1. Make an effective landing page

  1. A compelling headline
  2. An effective copy
  3. Engaging media (images, videos, gifs)
  4. Trust indicators (statistical evidence, trust badges, customer testimonials, third-party seals, privacy policy)
  5. Lead capture form
  6. Strong call-to-action
  7. No exit links
  8. Sufficient white space

2. Increase your landing page speed

  • Clean up and compress the code
  • Keep redirects to a minimum
  • Get rid of extra plugins and widgets
  • Resize and compress the images
  • Upgrade your hosting plan

3. Landing page flow

  1. Headlines
  2. Visual content
  3. Benefits
  4. Social proofs
  5. Call-to-action
  1. Headlines

4. Make your ad and landing page look similar

5. Optimize your landing page for SEO

6. Great copy

  1. Write as you talk

7. Click-to-action

  • simple and effective copy
  • contrasting colors
  • a call-to-action button

8. Testimonials

9. Pop-ups

Dashly pop-ups
  • Click pop-ups
  • Timed pop-ups
  • Scroll pop-up
  • Entry pop-ups
  • Exit pop-ups

10. Monitor competitors’ website changes

11. Test your landing page

The bottom line




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