Email campaign aid: how to save boring emails

You are not the only company in your industry for sure.You and your competitors both communicate with prospects: create strategy, prepare offers and messages.

Now put yourself into customer’s shoes: everyday you receive hundred similar emails:


Thank you for staying in touch.

Buy the subscription — use the product:

Do you want to read every email? Of course no. At best you will jump around the list to find something really interesting. If you imagine this situation, you wouldn’t be that shocked about the low conversion rates.

No time for regrets: you can simply improve current situation. Adding a little piece of creativity let you stand out from the crowd and get some well-deserved feedback.

Here are some simple tips which make your letter more attractive and convertable.

Add GIF-animation

Funny and relevant GIF can not only make user smile, but also allow him to remember your letter for a whole day (maybe even a week).

But, please, use them carefully. You can lose contact with a client if you send a GIF with a dancing cat, while working in a relatively conservative industry. If you are not sure about the effect, it would be better to use another method to stand out.

You can also use GIF to show customer how to use your product. For example, Wistia add cute animation at welcome email:

But there is more! Look at this poem at the same message:

A poerty by Soapbox

Make it personal

This way can be great to surprise and involve your subscribers, especially if the whole email is entirely devoted to the particular case. Of course, it would be difficult to make automatic triggered messages personal, but we advise you to try.

Here are some simple ways to make you message more sincere.

  1. Use segmentation. For example, ask customer about age, gender or preferences, collect this information and send personalized emails. How to collect? Use pop-ups! Try to make one right now.
  2. Use personal pronounces. Just simply write ‘me’ instead of ‘our company’ — this is the first step to friendship and trust.
  3. Congratulate leads with their professional holiday, their dog’s birthday or the nameday: take advantage of the all data they left on your site.
  4. Write a personal P.S., for example, wish them a good luck with some upcoming event.

Here is a good example of personalization. Nectafy send emails on behalf of CEO: it looks like you just chatting with a friend or colleague.

Personalization is the key

Don’t forget about sense of humor

Humor helps to build warmer relationships. Little joke or funny picture helps your subscriber to relax and make your emails less selling.

But before you start to hit customers with your jokes, make sure that you would be understood correctly. Check your target audience’s interests: social networks will help you with this deal. Look at your typical customer’s feed: does it full of funny pictures or contains only serious professional articles? Here is the answer about what would they like to find in their inbox. And don’t forget, there are some topic it’s better not to make jokes about. It’s all about a delicate balance.

Add testimonials

The power of testimonials is approved. We bet you do the same: before making a purchase you are looking for what people say about the product. Why don’t you help customers with searching? Just add some testimonials to your email.

Dualingo and their clients

Write catchy subject lines

Customers just take a glance on the email list: you need to catch their attention.

Of course, subject lines like this sometimes work:

But it is too expressive and people get tired of them really fast. Here are 3 main rules which make your subject line work:

  1. Do not write too long sentences. It would be great if your subject line contains not more than 50 symbols.
  2. Do not use clickbait headlines. Describe the information which is definitely will be found in the email.
  3. Do not overact. Phrases like ‘GET IT NOW!!!’ or ‘100% SATISFIED’ will pave you the way to the spam list.

Look at the examples of successful subject lines:

LeadBot is catching your attention
BlinkIst’s sales subject lines

We used to send follow up email with “We need to talk” subject line to those who don’t respond and make actions.Results were impressing — 4 out of 5 people replied.

Use different formats

The best way to not let users be bored — to send them different emails. Make your email-chain diverse. For example, one week you send longread message and prepare interesting content. The next week you will send a couple of funny photos, after that — selling email.

Use these simple strategies to make your emails fresh and different from the others in leads’ inbox. We will enjoy to help you: text us, and we will shoulder our all settings to make your email campaign work💚