Email campaign aid: how to save boring emails

Add GIF-animation

A poerty by Soapbox

Make it personal

  1. Use segmentation. For example, ask customer about age, gender or preferences, collect this information and send personalized emails. How to collect? Use pop-ups! Try to make one right now.
  2. Use personal pronounces. Just simply write ‘me’ instead of ‘our company’ — this is the first step to friendship and trust.
  3. Congratulate leads with their professional holiday, their dog’s birthday or the nameday: take advantage of the all data they left on your site.
  4. Write a personal P.S., for example, wish them a good luck with some upcoming event.
Personalization is the key

Don’t forget about sense of humor

Add testimonials

Dualingo and their clients

Write catchy subject lines

  1. Do not write too long sentences. It would be great if your subject line contains not more than 50 symbols.
  2. Do not use clickbait headlines. Describe the information which is definitely will be found in the email.
  3. Do not overact. Phrases like ‘GET IT NOW!!!’ or ‘100% SATISFIED’ will pave you the way to the spam list.
LeadBot is catching your attention
BlinkIst’s sales subject lines

Use different formats



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